Gelötete Diamantseilsäge für Granit

Produktbeschreibung Hot Sale Good Quality Diamond Wire Saw For Stone,Sintered Wire Saw Beads,Diamond Wire Saw Features1. Diameter: 8.0mm to 11.5mm 2. Bead fixing m

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Hot Sale Good Quality Diamond Wire Saw For Stone,Sintered Wire Saw Beads,Diamond Wire Saw 


1. Diameter: 8.0mm to 11.5mm 
2. Bead fixing methods: Spring , plastic,rubber, plastic(rubber) plus spring holding up. 
3.. High efficiency
4.. Competitive price
5. Application: for cutting for abnormal shape

Size for reference

Diamond Wire Saw For Granite

Specification(diameter)Beads/MeterCoating Usage
7.2mm37/40 Rubber,Plastic,Rubber/Plastic+Spring

Granite Quarry

Granite Shaping 

Granite Profiling

8.5mm37/40 Rubber,Plastic,Rubber/Plastic+Spring
9.0mm37/40 Rubber,Plastic,Rubber/Plastic+Spring
10.5mm37/40 Rubber,Plastic,Rubber/Plastic+Spring
11.0mm37/40 Rubber,Plastic,Rubber/Plastic+Spring
11.5mm37/40 Rubber,Plastic,Rubber/Plastic+Spring

  Diamond Wire Saw For Marble

Specification(diameter)Beads/MeterCoating Usage
8.5mm      26/28/33Rubber,Plastic,Spring,Plastic+Spring 

Marble Quarry

Marble  Shaping 

Marble  Profiling


*Other specifications are available upon request.  

Product Picture

 Brazed Diamond Wire Saw for Granite


Brazed Diamond Wire Saw for Granite


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Brazed Diamond Wire Saw for Granite

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